tasty grub!

No nonsense food, freshly made and served with pride & passion.


At Burger Box we don't compromise on quality and bring you a menu that tastes as good as the food looks.


Halal certified menu

Our complete menu is halal and our fresh beef is HMC certified. We try ensure that our meat and poultry meets the rigorous animal welfare standards which are employed in the UK.

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Freshly prepared & delivered

All our stores offer a local delivery service using our own, trained delivery drivers where possible. All orders are prepared fresh and sent out in heat retaining delivery bags to ensure optimum quality.

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Loaded Boxes

A mouth watering combination of skin on fries, home made coleslaw, grated Mozzarella & Cheddar with a topping and sauce of your choice.

Sustainable Packagaing

We care about waste. Our staff are trained to minimise wastage of any kind. As our food is made on order and nothing is pre-prepared we have very little food waste. Furthermore, we have minimised single use plastic and send all our orders out in sustainable, recyclable bags.


Our food is made to order, prepared fresh and sent out in hot delivery bags to ensure the best experience.

We Believe in Quality. Inside and Out.

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